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Dec 24, 2012 4:00am PST
inouye's funeral yesterday, along with other washington insiders, including his friend senator harry reid. he represented hawaii in congress ever since it became a state in 1959 and was the second-longest serving senator in u-s history. inouye received the medal of honor for his heroism during world war two. inouye died a week ago at accepts total responsibility senator michael crapo was arrested in virginia shortly after midnight, saturday night. alexandria police say the idaho republican ran a red light, then failed several field sobriety tests. police say crapo's blood alcohol level was point-one- one ; the legal limit for drivers in virginia is point-oh-eight. in a statement released by his office, crapo said he was -- quote -- "deeply sorry for the actions that resulted in this limit in virginia. the deputy police chief says an investigation is underway to determine whether the killing was intentional or accidental. it was not known whether the victim was a military orthe nato military command says it's looking into the bay area's favorite way the biggest parties and heenan and gary
Dec 26, 2012 4:00am PST
thoufrancisquito creek top levy. >> son is looking for people in seven homes to evacuate. >> kron fours alecia reid is in the east palo alto with the latest period >> we were working with the owner in order to begin repairs necessary to make it ok again. >> six other families were evacuated but are now home. >> the memory of the flood is still very vivid. >> i walked in the house and was picked off. i walked out. it was already 5 in. high. i was like what this really fast. >> now cleaning up neighbors saispent christmas day washing mud from in front of their homes. >> so much water and mud. >> the community development director was on site. crews laid down sandbags along the banks to prevent further flooding. >> we found the follows the other night were the highest since the early '50s that have been recorded. i do not think we will see anything like that. we should be ok. >> in east palo alto alicia reid kron 4 news. >> any time in rain comes down in palo so i'm sure the people may be nervous. >> should they be nervous today. >> showers are on the decline as the day continues. looking at storm tra
Dec 27, 2012 4:00am PST
. >> kron fours up alicai reid spoke to the president made the course of discovery. >>-test to the residents >> we called 911 instead of trying to get the body out. >> the wois woman did not want to show their faces on camera. to people realized that was their neighbor and those not know how she got there or if she was visiting anyone. >> i have never seen anything like that. it was thought a good day. >> investigators are looking into the circumstances of this death. witnesses said there was a suitcase next to the body in the water. >> that hasn't taken into evidence. >> in santa rosa alicia reid kron 4 news. >> one man is behind bars and another stall on the run after the to policit took polica chase. >> the men were driving a car police say was linked to a burglary. >> the suspect took off and eventually ditched the car in front of costco and san francisco near tents and harrison yesterday afternoon. >> education officials at santa cruz city schools are expected to consider a resolution next month calling for stricter national gun-control laws. >> the school board's vice president is draf
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3